Rummy vs Teen Patti – What’s Better?
The card games of rummy and teen patti are the most popular ones in India. With the digital revolution, both these games are played by millions of players online, as they offer a chance to earn money by using your skills. Which of the two games are better? Let’s compare the various aspects of rummy… (0 comment)

5 Fun Ways To Spend The Christmas Holidays
Christmas is a time for lots of joy and cheer! It’s happier because we spend time with our family and friends, catching up and making unforgettable memories. It’s a chance to unwind, rejuvenate and have some laughs! Here are five fun ways to spend the Christmas holidays! 1. Be Santa: Christmas is all about the spirit… (0 comment)

5 Things Rummy Players Love About Rummy Adda
There are many rummy apps for players to choose from in the online gaming arena today. But Rummy Adda has one thing that none of the other rummy apps have – Rummy Adda cares for its players and loves to shower them with offers, prizes and exciting rewards. Here are 5 things that rummy players… (0 comment)

How Does The Points Scoring System Work In Rummy?
Unlike most games where scoring maximum points are important, in rummy, the player who scores 0 points wins. The rummy rules state that the player with the maximum points in the game loses. If you are new to playing rummy, it might be a little difficult to understand the points scoring system for you. Each… (0 comment)

Why Playing Rummy Online Is Fun With Friends!
After the digital media boom in India, online gaming has become the next best thing. With more than 250 million gamers and game developing companies in India in 2019, online games are loved by all. Out of all the online games, playing card games online has been a favourite way for Indians to have some… (0 comment)

What Card Games Are Trending On The Internet?
If you are a fan of playing cards, then this article is going to interest you! Do you know what card games are trending online today? You can play them 24×7 with real players and from anywhere you want. Here are some games that are super popular. 1. Poker: One of the most popular online games… (0 comment)